Project 🌿 Growing

An infinite canvas where you can pour out ideas freely and think joyfully

Create, arrange, connect, visualize, remix, search, and re-discover your ideas in an infinite canvas.

Jade is a canvas where you can visualize your ideas and grow them from unordered to ordered, backed by a deeply embedded knowledge graph, using blocks and arrows.

Create a moodboard.

Embed web pages.

Play with the Web Demo

(This demo stores data on your computer with Window.localStorage.)


Create rich-text, images, Web embeds

Arrange in two dimensions (not just linear)

Move, snap, cluster, nest however you want.

Connect and Remix ideas

You can draw arrows, mention an idea or just create another instance of it.

Some other cool stuff

Web materials are first-class citizens

Make blocks colorful

Types of Blocks

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Last updated @2021/11/30